This is an updated version of my scientific publications list

Unpublished preprints

  • Aursand, P., Sukys, J., Uncertainty quantification for nonlinear waves in liquid crystals using multi-level Monte Carlo. Submitted 2015. Preprint


  • Aursand, P. Numerical solution of the dynamics of director fields in nematic liquid crystals. PhD thesis, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, 2015. Postprint
  • Aursand, P. Hyperbolic relaxation systems: A numerical and theoretical study. Master’s thesis, Department of Physics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, 2011. Postprint

Journal articles

  • Boudko, S., Aursand, P., and Abie, H. Evolutionary Game for Confidentiality in IoT-Enabled Smart Grids Information, 11, 582, 2020. DOI | Full text
  • Aursand, P., Gjennestad, M. A., Aursand, E., Hammer, M., Wilhelmsen, Ø. The spinodal of single- and multi-component fluids and its role in the development of modern equations of state. Fluid Phase Equilibria, 436, 98-112, 2017. DOI | Preprint
  • Aursand, P., Koley, U., Local Discontinuous Galerkin schemes for a nonlinear variational wave equation modeling liquid crystals. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 317, 478-499, 2017. DOIPreprint
  • Aursand, P., Napoli, G., Ridder J. On the dynamics of the weak Freedericksz transition for nematic liquid crystals. Communications in Computational Physics, 20(5), 1359-1380, 2016. DOI | Preprint
  • Aursand, P., Koley, U., Higher-order energy stable schemes for a nonlinear variational wave equation modeling nematic liquid crystals in two dimensions. To appear in International Journal of Numerical Analysis & Modeling. Preprint
  • Lindqvist, S., Aursand, P., Flåtten T., Solberg, A.A. Large time step TVD schemes for hyperblic conservation laws. SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis, 54(5), 2775-2798, 2016. DOI | Preprint
  • Aursand, E., Aursand, P., Hammer, M., Lund, H. The influence of CO2 mixture composition and equations of state in simulations of transient pipeline decompression. To appear in International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 2016. DOI | Preprint
  • Solem, S., Aursand, P., Flåtten T. Wave dynamics of linear hyperbolic relaxation systems. Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations, 12(4), 655-670, 2015. DOI | Preprint
  • Solem, S., Aursand, P., Flåtten T. The dispersive wave dynamics of a two-phase flow relaxation model. ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis, 49(2), 601-619, 2015. DOI | Preprint
  • Linga, G., Aursand, P., Flåtten T. Two-phase nozzle flow and the subcharacteristic condition. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 426, 917-934, 2015. DOI | Preprint
  • Aursand, P., Ridder J. The role of inertia and dissipation in the dynamics of the director for a nematic liquid crystal coupled with an electric field. Communications in Computational Physics, 18(1), 147-166, 2015. DOI | Preprint
  • Aursand, P., Evje, S., Flåtten T., Giljarhus, K.E.T., Munkejord, S.T. An exponential time-differencing method for monotonic relaxation systems. Applied Numerical Mathematics, 80, 1-21, 2014. DOI | Preprint
  • Aursand, P., Hammer, M., Munkejord, S. T., Wilhelmsen, Ø. Pipeline transport of CO2 mixtures: Models for transient simulation. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 15, 174-185, 2013. DOI | Preprint
  • Aursand, P., Flåtten, T. On the dispersive wave-dynamics of 2 x 2 relaxation systems. Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations, 9(4), 641-659, 2012. DOI | Preprint
  • Jack, B., Aursand, P., Franke–Arnold, S., Ireland, D.G., Leach, J., Barnett, S.M., Padgett, M.J. Demonstration of the angular uncertainty principle for single photons. Journal of Optics, 13, 064017, 2011. DOI

Selected conference papers

  • Aursand, E., Aursand, P., Berstad, T., Dørum, C., Hammer, M., Munkejord, S. T. and Nordhagen, H. O. CO2 pipeline integrity: A coupled fluid-structure model using a reference equation of state for CO2. In: GHGT-11 – 11th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies, Kyoto, Japan, November 2012. Preprint
  • Lund, H. and Aursand, P. Splitting methods for relaxation two-phase models. International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation, 4(2), p. 117-131, 2013. Presented at ECCOMAS Young Investigators Conference, Aveiro, Portugal, April 2012.
  • Lund, H. and Aursand, P. Two-Phase Flow of CO2 With Phase Transfer. Energy Procedia, 23, p. 246-255, 2012. Presented at Trondheim CCS conference, Trondheim, Norway, June 2011
  • Morin, A., Aursand, P. K., Flåtten, T., Munkejord, S. T. Numerical resolution of CO2 transport dynamics. In: SIAM Conference on Mathematics for Industry: Challenges and Frontiers (MI09), San Francisco, California, USA, October 2009. Preprint