About me

My name is Peder Aursand. I am a trained mathematician and physicist (PhD in Applied Mathematics and a MSc in Applied Physics and Mathematics) with experience in numerics, scientific computing, machine learning, high performance computing, and mathematical modeling. I am interested in most things where one can combine math, computing, algorithms and data to provide insight and solve real world problems.

I am currently employed as a senior engineer in machine learning at Aker BP, Oslo, Norway. Examples of current projects here include:

  • Lead the development of automatic interpretation of subsurface data using machine learning
  • Conduct R&D projects in subsurface data science with external partners
  • Develop MLOps infrastructure, including ML model hosting and versioning
  • Mature Aker BP’s internal capabilities in data science through tools and training

In my own time I also dabble in App development for Android.

See my FULL CV or LinkedIn profile for more details.